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Welcome to the Fort Caspar Events and Living History Site!
Welcome to the living history and events page for events occurring at Ft. Caspar located in Casper, Wyoming. This is NOT the formal museum's website, but rather a page for the living history reenactors to register and gain information on the events. To visit the Fort Caspar Museum's web page, please visit

We are currently in the final planning stages of the 150th anniversary of the Battles of Platte Bridge and Red Buttes which will occur July 24-26th 2015 at the fort and surrounding areas. Please help make a donation in order to raise the needed $60,000.00 needed to put on the upcoming 150th Anniversary! 100% of funds received will go toward the event. 

Basic Info:
This website is created to facilitate the events sponsored by the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Reenacting group that occur at Fort Caspar Museum and its adjoining property.

We are in the midst of celebrating a series of 150th events that include the start of the military occupation of Platte Bridge Station in 1862, the harsh winters at the remote post, and the 150th anniversary of the battles of Platte Bridge Station and Red Buttes that gave the current town of Casper, Wy its name. Join us at the fort for a series of 150th celebrations marking the military occupation of Platte Bridge Station.  

Fort Casper was originally named Platte Bridge Station and was occupied by the US military in 1862 by the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry to maintain the transcontinental telegraph and  "handle" the native american threat to the telegraph and somewhat of the overall safety of those traveling along the overland trails.

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